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Fall Ordeal

My Brothers,

The upcoming Lodge Fall Ordeal is going to be an amazing weekend and definitely one that you will not want to miss. Come out to Tanah Keeta on September 26th-28th and fulfill your Obligation to the Order.

Aal-Pa-Tah’s Fall Ordeal weekend is quickly approaching. Please come join the Lodge in welcoming our new Brothers. It's also another way to show those who elected you your support for not only them but the Order too. After some cheerful service for camp Tanah Keeta, we will have an awesome night full of movies, games, raffles, video games, amazing food, amptguard, broom hockey, human fooseball, volleyball, capture the flag, lodge ball, and an OUTSTANDING 237 surprise!

This is going to be an awesome weekend that everyone should sign up for and come out to have a blast! It’ll be a great time and I look forward to seeing 237 members at this weekend!

Daniel Olbrych

A Look Back

        The last year has been a blast!!!! We have had so many fun events, I cant even count. We inducted many new members who are already starting to contribute to this lodge. At all of the events, we gave lots of service to camp, which the rangers are very thankful for. The food at all of the events was excellent and I would like to welcome out new Kitchen Adviser. Dan was elected Lodge chief again, so it seems like he does an ok job. I think this next year being awesome with him in charge. I look forward to seeing you after summer. Have Fun!!!