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Post-Summer Gathering Update

Congratulations to all the new members of Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge 237 for completing their Ordeal! Thank you to all of the returning members and volunteers who came out and helped us set up eight campsites worth of tents for Tanah Keeta Summer Camp! We can't wait to see some of you at Tanah Keeta Summer Camp this summer,  and all of you at Fall Festival in September! Thank you to the 2016 Lodge Executive Committee for their service to Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge, and congratulations to the new Lodge Leadership after the elections on Saturday night; to check out the new Lodge Leadership (including Chapter Chiefs), check the Lodge Leadership Page under the "Membership" tab. On behalf of Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge, welcome to the Lodge!

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Post-Spring Ordeal Update

Congratulations to all the new members of Aal-Pa-Tah for going through their Ordeal! We had a great weekend of cheerful service that was able to give much needed service towards Gator Grind. We also had the successful launch of our new social media that will be provided in the bottom of this post! We cannot wait to see everyone again at Section Conference and Summer Gathering in April and May! Again, on behalf of Aal-Pa-Tah, welcome to the Lodge everybody!

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OA Unit of Excellence Awards

The Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Award seeks to identify those units, and the leaders within them, who excel at incorporating the OA into their annual planning. This award is intended to provide a tool for lodges to recognize, incentivize, and operationalize unit-level participation in Order of the Arrow programs. Units and Leaders completing the requirements are awarded recognition on both the National (ribbon / patch) and local (Lodge recognition) level. Details about the award can be found HERE. For further information contact Lodge Chief Robert Ulrich at lodge237@gmail.com.