Current Lodge Officers

Lodge Chief:  Robert U.
Vice Chief of Program:  Nick B..
Vice Chief of Service:  Cameron W.
Vice Chief of Induction:  Ryan W.
Secretary:  Justin K.
Treasurer:  Matthew G.
Historian:  Connor T.

*To get in contact with anyone you can email Mr. Whalen at

Chapter Chiefs

A-Bani-Ki:  Kyle W.
Lowaneu Mawat:  Tristan D.
Ne-kee-Wa:  Gabe C.
Wyhome-Pa-Tah:  Josh C.


Lodge Committees

Website Chairman:  <Temporarily Secretary>
Publications Coordinator:  Ronnie W.
Membership Chariman: Lee P.
Lodge Box Chairman: Max S.
Unit Elections:  Max S.
Brotherhood Chairman:  Eric K.
Ordeal Master:  Eric K.
AIA Coordinator: Andrew P
Elangomat Chair: Sean M.
Drum Team Chief: Xander T.
Dance Team Chief: Andrew P.
SAW Service: 
Trail Crew: Nick P.
Founder's Award/James E West:  Andrew P.
Kitchen Chairman: 
First Year Arrowman: Nick B.



Lodge Organizational Chart

To view the Lodge Organization Chart click HERE